It Is Ludicrous To Claim Dancehall King Title As A Ghanaian Artiste – Gyedu Ambuley

The battle and debate about who reign supreme when it comes to the different genres of music in the country have no end in sight.

Hiplife, rap and dancehall have all had their fair share of battles, debates and beefs as to who is the king.

One of those who are definitely not on board with the ‘dancehall King’ name is Gyedu Blay Ambolley.

According to the veteran musician, it’s crazy to think that we can import an entire genre of music from another country and then claim to be kings at it.

Taking a straight jab at Ghanaian Artiste, Ambolley said: “You are still learning how to do dancehall and you want to call yourself dancehall king, then what will the Jamaicans say?”

“Every country has it music. But the younger ones, because what is put in there is more of a dancehall, reggae and the funky…that’s what they are capitalize on.

“So some of them call themselves dancehall kings and all kind of things; what about the originator of the dancehall? You called yourself a king than the one who created it?” Ambuley quizzed.

Source: Derrick Sikaba/Joydaddymltimedia.com

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