Produce Song to Fight Corruption not Explicit Ones – Wanluv Da Kubolor to Colleagues

Ghanaian singer and rapper, Wanluv the Kubolor has urged his fellow musicians to apply the brakes on the overemphasis on love and explicit songs and rather write lyrics to fight corruption.

According to the controversial singer, his new song with his partner Mensa who together formed the Fokn Bois music group is aimed at fighting corruption which has plagued the country.

Wanluv said it’s about time musicians used their crafts to tackle societal challenges indicating that their new album, ‘Afrobeat LOL’ have songs that address issues of society.

“We have the issue of corruption increasing in our countries, we have ills ongoing in our governments, there is kidnapping with families grieving for their children who have been kidnapped and yet, we keep hearing songs about the breast of women, love and sexually suggestive songs,” Wanluv suggested.

We can use music to address these challenges and call on authorities to address them,” he said in the interview.

Source: Derrick Sikaba/Joydaddymultimedia.com

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