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People from the Songhai and Zongo Communities Are Taken Advantage Of Free SHS

The Deputy General Secretary of the Songhai Community in Ghana, Swadiq Muhammad Huzaif, has said people from the Songhai and the Zongo Communities have taken advantage of the free Senior High School Policy and are benefiting a lot from it as well.

He added, “We appreciate your efforts and we can only pray that Ghanaians will see all these successes chalked under your leadership and return your government to power come 2020 elections to continue the good work you and

As a matter of fact, education is the best anyone can give to the next generation if the present generation has the nation at heart. We say “FONDA GO!” bravo to you.”

Speaking at the Jubilee house during a courtesy call on the president, Swadiq Muhammad Huzaif,said “Your Excellency, we stand before you today to affirm our support to your government in all its endeavors to ensure that you succeed as President of Ghana,” he said.

 Delegation from the Songhai community in Ghana, led by its paramount Chief, Amadu Fatahu Amadu Alhassan Maiga II, when they called on him at the Jubilee House in Accra.

The Deputy General Secretary of the community, Swadiq Muhammad Huzaif, who spoke for the delegation, pledged that the Songhai people in Ghana would continue to respect the country’s laws and promote peace and security.

“My people are peace loving people, law abiding citizens, businessmen and women, who are doing well in their various aspect of life, especially in the Oil and Gas sector, and contributing their quota to the development of this country. We pledge to continue to respect the laws of Ghana in promoting peace and security, and the general well-being of all residents in Ghana. Our mission as a community is to promote education, entrepreneurship and civic culture among our people.”

The population of Ghana is divided into some 75 ethnic groups; among these groups are the Songhai.

The Songhai Empire was with the Ghana Empire from the (6th-13th Century) and they both had a lot in the past which has made them great Empires in history.

The Songhai Kingdom or Empire replaced the Mali Empire as the most important state in West Africa and it became bigger than Ghana and Mali combined.

The great-grandchildren of this Empire came to Ghana in the 13th Century and settled in areas like the LARABANGA “Land of the Arab” In the West Gonja District of the Northern region now Savanna region and Nzulezu in the Jomoro District of Western Region.

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