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Budumburam Update: Witnessed Children go through Trauma Reduction Therapy

The key eyewitnesses to one of the two police officers who died by gunshot are being offered a thorough psychological therapy called the Trauma Reduction Therapy to ease the tension they feel whenever they see blood or a police officer.

Reports emanating from Bryt FM’s Central Regional correspondent, Eric Owusu Amponsah indicate that the witnesses who range from the ages of 4, 8, and 13 have been going through a lot of disturbances after the death of the police officer who was shot and died at their shop right in front of their eyes.

With this, the Police Administration has provided a Psychologist to examine them since they had earlier revealed that they are unable to sleep neither doing anything at night since they believe to have been traumatized and hunt by this officers’ ghost.

A Clinical Psychologist from the Ghana Police Hospital, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Foster Nanewortor said, “Incidents like these are traumatizing, so for young people to witness such happening is hurting. The impact of witnessing such an event was gashing for them therefore they were experiencing difficulties in their sleep, their ability to concentrate, they became outside minders. Our job is to minimize the trauma so had to conduct this trauma reduction therapy so that they can be able to cope with the incident that they witness.

ASP Nanewortor promised to do follow-ups on the children and the family in order to support them throughout these difficult times and teach them strategies that can help them deal with this horrific incidence that they witnessed.

“As per our interaction, they have learned from what I discuss with them and have promise to practice some of the things, I have thought them and I believe very much that as they put it into practice, it will help reduce the trauma that they are experiencing right now,’ he assured Ghanaians.

Source: Eric Owusu Amponsah/

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