Ghanaian DJ’s Does Not Understand My Rapping Skills – D-Black

Ghanaian Hiplife Artistes, Desmond Kwasi Blackmore well known as D-Black is still not pleased by the number 50 slot handed him in DJ Black’s Top 50 list of rappers in Ghana.

He believes strongly that he deserves a better spot than the position he was given in the list that has generated a lot of talk and controversy in the Ghanaian media and public space.

According to D-Black, most of the DJ’s in Ghana don’t know how to use his music in their gigs that is why they label him as one of the worse rappers in Ghana.

He mentioned that most of his tracks are being played in most of the countries that is why he was nominated in the category of “Best International Act: Africa” in 2010 BET awards.

“I know I’m good and most of the DJ’s knows that I’m good. Where DJ Black placed me in his first 50 rappers selection is bad and I know that is his opinion. Most of the Ghanaian DJ’s doesn’t understand my rapping skills because I don’t imitate someone. Always I try to come out with my own style and I think that is what they don’t like.”

“When you go to most of the countries, especially my music is in their first 10 categories that is why I was nominated at BET awards in 2010,” D-Black averred.

While he has nothing against some of the rappers on the list, D-Black noted that he is better than some of the names on the list.

The “Vera” hitmaker stated that he will soon come out with his top 100 DJ’s in which DJ Black may find himself in an uncomfortable position.

Source: Derrick Sikaba/Joydaddymultimedia.com


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