Most Entertainers Mimic Politicians’ Lies – Actress

Actress, Yvonne Nelson has been very passionate about Ghana’s problems and growth for a while. She regularly speaks up without fear.

This time, Yvonne Nelson’s problem is with entertainers. She believes majority of the entertainers are influenced by politicians. When people are influenced by politicians, they call ‘white’, ‘blue’. They never acknowledge or address problems because it affects them and the party.

She added that she has so much respect for entertainers who aren’t influenced by politicians but unfortunately they do not number up to 5.

The talented actress who made headlines in 2015 over her nationwide campaign against the rampant power outages in Ghana, which was dubbed, “Dumsor vigil” wrote on her twitter page, “I’ve got so much respect for ENTERTAINERS who aren’t influenced by POLITICIANS, entertainers who speak the truth no matter what! But guess what?? These entertainers aren’t even up to 5 in number.”

A lot of entertainers are interested in benefits from affiliations so when they have it, nothing else seems to matter anymore.

Source: Derrick Sikaba/Joydaddymultimedia.com

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