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Exclusive Photos: Meet Prophet Kwabena Asiamah, the Occultist

In the era where men of God have come under several criticisms, Prophet Kwabena Asiamah of Universal Spiritual Outreach has described himself as an occult as he poses all the qualities of occultist.

In an exclusive interview with, the seer described occultist as someone with supernatural and magical powers as well believer of mystics because occultism.

He is, however, of the view any pastor who has supernatural powers and perform wonders is also an occultist.

Prophet Kwabena Asiamah emphasized, he still use sheep and cattle to purify for sins of congregation as being done by the Jews in the olden days.

"I slaughter a cow in every three months to purify sins of congregants, after which, the meat is then cooked and eaten by the entire congregation" the Prophet narrated.

Surprisingly, the Prophet was able to back his revelations with quotes from both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.

After practicing for the past 18 years, Prophet Asiamah hinted, he has not recorded any single issue of death among congregants due to the prophetic directions and sacred sacrifice performed at the center as done in the past.

"None of my members has died in my 18 years’ experience because I make sure we follow holistically what is right to get the favour of God".

"I must also add that, there is no way one can see God but we always speak to him through the angels. I personally have not seen God but I do see and talk to angels in my deep spiritual moments" the Seer retreated.

Prophet Kwabena Asiamah, therefore, advised individuals to protect themselves against wicked ideas of the devil who are mostly the same people whom we see and talk to everyday.


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