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Joy Industries Is Complying With Tax Stamp - GRA

The Ghana Revenue Authority has commended Joy Industries Limited, producers of Joy Daddy bitters, Joy Sokoo, Joy Wobete Atadwe Ginger and Joy twede3 Ginger for fully complying with the Tax stamp.

According to GRA officers, Joy Industries has complied with their directives and embossed all products with the excise tax stamp accordingly; a gesture he said is a hallmark of a serious business firm.

The GRA Taskforce during their usual inspection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic manufacturers to ensure the tax stamp compliance by the GRA, discovered that Joy industries had the stamps affixed on all its products which was also authenticated by their newly mobile app to be original.

According to Joseph Nii Okai Revenue officer, the exercise is meant to ensure that excise goods on the market had the tax stamps affixed as required by law.

He said, the tax stamp helps to protect and increase tax revenue.

"It also controls the importation and local production of excisable goods for revenue purposes" he added.

He was impressed that there had been massive improvement in terms of compliance as a lot of the products inspected had the tax stamps affixed on them.

He warned retailers to ensure they checked the items bought from the manufacturers and distributors to ensure that products bought had the tax stamps affixed on them.

Dr. Manfred Takyi, the president of Joy Industries limited, urged all companies to comply with the policy to assist the government.

"The tax stamp helps me to check the illicit trading, smuggling and counterfeiting of my products" Dr. Manfred revealed.

Also, a visit to Kwayisi Christian Herbal, the producers of Agya-Nie bitters and CSIR mineral water company limited revealed that, the companies has complied with tax stamp directives.

Source: Evans Boateng/

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