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Ghana Red Cross Society School New Executives

The Ghana Red Cross Society has organized a two-day leadership orientation workshop for it’s Regional, National executives and some board members who were elected few months ago.

The objective of the sensitization training was to help them define their individual roles to help them discharge their respective duties effectively.

In total, 47 participants from both board members and service management from the regional and national executives across the country.

The facilitator, Mr. Samuel Asamoah, head of Policy and knowledge AFRIC regional office in Nairobi- Kenya educated the participants on establishing and maintaining a good relationship as well as the sustainability and domestic resource mobilization to support all Red Cross activities.

 They were also trained on integrity and transparency communication visibility to make them capable of handling any communication issues during their term of office.

Mr Samuel Asamoah explained that the training was geared towards letting them their respective roles as executives and board members to enable them to work as a unified body towards achieving success for the Ghana Red Cross.

He added it has become necessary for the orientation because some of the elected executives, have not had the opportunity to serve in any managerial capacity therefore, it is prudent to enhance their capacity to enable them discharge their responsibilities and roles effectively.

He advised both executives not to be in competition with each other, rather work in harmony to uplift the image of the Ghana Red Cross Society to another level.

For his part, the Secretary-General of the Ghana Red Cross Society, Mr. Kofi Addo lamented that limited domestic resources has been a challenge to the activities of the society.

Meanwhile, he said the current crop of management is strategizing to mobilize funding to enable a smooth executions of activities of the Ghana Red Cross Society.

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