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160 Senior High Schools Engaged In Planting For Food Program

A Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture, Dr. Sagri Babagni, has said a total of 160 Senior High Schools Across the Country have been engaged in the  Planting for Food and Jobs program.

He added that 10 private and public Universities have also been engaged in the flagship program.

Dr. Sagri Babagni, said this at Bolgatanga at a Townhall meeting organized by Ministry of Information.

The Planting for Food and Jobs (PFJ) programme is a Government of Ghana (GoG) designed and implemented programme aiming to promote growth in food production and create jobs across the country.

The programme is structured around 5 Pillars. These include: Seed, Fertilizer, Extension Services, Marketing and e-Fertilizer & Monitoring.

Dr. Sagri stated that the Ministry is working to reduce drastically, if not stop the import of rice within the next four to five years.

Again, the local rice has been faced with low demand which is due to the continuous sale of imported rice at various markets.

The Walewale MP said Government’s flagship agricultural programme “Planting for Food and Jobs” (PFJ) has recorded overwhelming success, and the general outcome of implementation has been very positive and inspiring.

He said an objective assessment of the campaign for PFJ reveals increased adoption of certified seeds, increased participation of private seeds companies and locally produced seeds and increased production of some maize, rice soya and sorghum.

Other areas of success, the Minister said, are increased production of staple foods crops, creation of on farm and off farm jobs, enhanced availability and accessibility to mart by small scale holder farmers through activities of the Buffer Stock Company and export of farm products such as grains, plantain, yam and fruits.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo rolled out the PFJ in April 2017 as government’s strategy for revamping the agricultural sector, whose performance by 2015 stood at 2.8%.

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