Advocate for Good Health Care - MCE to Nurses

The Municipal Chief Executive Officer for New Juaben South, Hon. Isaac Appau-Gyasi has entreated nurses to advocate for good health care for people in the Municipality and the country as a whole.

The MCE speaking at the launch of the New Juaben Chapter of Ghana Register Nurses' and Midwifery Association Celebration Week at St. Joseph Hospital, Koforidua under the theme: "Health for All: Nurses and Midwives, a voice to Lead", said the restoration of the nursing trainees allowance by government is vital because it cushions the underprivileged students to learn under a sound condition and mind.

"Health workers and for that matter nurses have the responsibility to advocate for good health care for all people in the Municipality and the country as a whole" he emphasized.

He continued that, achieving a Universal Health Care requires a robust nursing and midwifery to lead Primary Health Care System which implies the production of adequate number of nurses and midwives to do a diligent work to solve the health needs of the people.

Hon. Gyasi reiterated nurses are great assets of the nation and for that matter; government is ready to provide all the tools and equipment needed to deliver a good health care in the country.

He mentioned, a good nurse or midwife is the one uses his or her vast knowledge, skills and tools available to him or her to uniquely bring relief to patients who visit their facilities with their problems.

In furtherance, he affirmed, the Eastern region is fortunate to have the first ever drone center situated at Amanase near Suhum to assist with the delivery of emergency blood and drugs to patients in dying need in the  bid to reduce mortality rate in the country.

He revealed that, the Akufo-Addo government under the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat has offered over 30,000 Tertiary Students scholarships under the District Level Scholarships Scheme to study in the various tertiary institutions including nursing trainees at St. Joseph Hospital.

Mr. Gyasi then lavished on the President, Nana Akufo-Addo for the ongoing constructions most especially building of hospitals, clinics and CHIPS compounds and provision of medical equipment across the country.

He then advised health professionals to desist and refrain from all bad working ethics which is washing away the good image of the profession and rather establish a good nurse - patient relationship which is one of the key means of healing a patient.

"Always keep in mind the principles of Florence Nightingale and emulate her good works" he ended

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