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Nurses on Monitoring Trip Put Labouring Woman To Birth By Roadside

But for a timely intervention of a District Director of Health Service (DDHS) and a Public Health Nurse (PHN) at the Biakoye District in the Oti Region, the life of a newly born baby and its mother would have landed in tragedy.

DDHS Rita Wurapa and PHN Rose Ayivor on one of their monitoring trips to Dambai and Nkwanta in the Oti Region helped a woman in labour to deliver safely by the roadside with the help of some community women.

An eye witnessed said, Rita Wurapa and her team came across a woman in labour on a motorbike who was in distress due to the agony she was going through on the motorbike.

The motor rider who sensed that the baby was coming out stopped in the middle of the road for the woman to deliver.

The eye-witnessed added, the situation drew the attention of a large crowd to the scene. 

With over 15 years of public health under her belt, Rita drew closer upon seeing the crowd only to see a woman in labour, head in the perineum.

In the middle of the street, DDHS Rita and PHN Rose ordered women standing by to form a shelter with their clothing in aiding the safe delivering of the baby.

After the good work is done, Baby and mother were sent to the hospital for further monitoring.

Residents of the community applauded the DDHS and her team for their undying duty to them as mother and baby is doing very well and then urged other health staff and leaders to lead by example.

Source: Dorcas Korkor Larbi/

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