Why George Afriyie Chose BA Region For Manifesto Launch

The launch was attended by people from all walks of life included traditional rulers, Club Owners, Football Administrators, Retired and active footballers, and a large number of media presence.

In his key note address George Afriyie on the Manifesto, and his vision for the game said “Football in Ghana is described as the “passion of the nation”, and rightly so, since it is a sport which sums up the mood of the entire nation; our collective joy at winning and agony in defeat.

For many years, Ghana football has been held in high esteem for the consistent discovery of talented players who have etched their names in the annals of football history both home and abroad; from pre-independence to the present time.

George Akwasi Afriyie, choose to launch in the BA because the Bono and Ahafo area is the real hub of football in Ghana. Everywhere in the country people love football, but this area has more Premier League and lower division clubs than anywhere else. And so, politically, it makes sense to come here to approach the delegates directly".

But he needed a media presence, which is why he organised media buses from the capital and Kumasi, the two hubs of sports journalism and where the critical mass of stations are based.

In a campaign season where each presidential hopeful has quietly played the my-team-use-technology-better-than-the-others game, Afriyie made sure to live stream the entire proceedings via his Facebook page, while live TV coverage was offered by GTV.

"I want to prove that when I say my administration will have a can-do spirit, it is not just mere words. We could have taken the easier way of doing it in Accra, where facilities are easier to mobilise. But we've brought the launch, and achieved everything we could have done in the capital," Afriyie noted.GFA presidential hopeful said the biggest football constituency in Ghana is the Brong Ahafo (BA) region, with 4 out of 16 premier clubs, several division one clubs and many colts clubs, that is why his campaign team decided on that region.

The region also houses Ghana current female football champions, Ampim Darkua and the Prisons Ladies female clubs.

According to George Afriyie, the GFA Congress would be rotated to go round all regions, as Eusbett Hotel Hall, where the event took place was bigger and spacious than the GFA facility at Prampram.

He highlighted in his vision to wipe out corruption off and on the field of play, with the promised to restore the football glory and redeem Ghana football as well as revive the FA cup, gala, league and the various national teams.

He promised to govern a transparent and accountable administration where everyone associated with the game will enjoy.

He also vowed to form a tink tank of experienced administrators, old players and distinguished media people to advise the FA. He assessed the media as partners and assured to work with all media houses and not to discriminate against any body or organisation.

He hoped to form a cordial related secretariat with all staff working in comfort and add to the structures at the GFA for more offices, and fitted with modern communication gadgets.

George Afriyie pledged to upgrade Ghanaman Soccer School of Excellence with swimming pool, gym, tennis, volleyball and basketball courts. Build two additional pitches (one natural, one artificial) with floodlights for national teams to train at night with when in a tennis court, gym and floodlight to make the facility and atmosphere friendlier.

He touched on financing the GFA and technical directorate which would be functional.

On referees, he said they are important and will create a system to pay them well and promptly for their services.

He said he will liaise with RAG to periodically train referees and shall not compromise on corrupt practices, as referees who fall foul will be punished or banned.

He promised to restructure the Communications Directorate of the GFA to be modern and also create a Women’s Football desk and initiate inter schools football competition for girls.

He guaranteed to have a colts football board to promote and develop juvenile football by liaising with the GES. According to him registration of colts players shall be free and one time.

He also promised to invest wisely for Ghana Football to gain and be prosperous and full of opportunities. He said player welfare would be paramount in his administration.

He ended that a vote for George Afriyie is a vote for the restoration, redemption and revival of Ghana Football. The programm attracted a lot of retired players and several club representatives.

Source: Sammy Heywood Okine/

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