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We Will Not Pay Market Toll Again - Klo Agogo Chief, Market Women Declare

The chiefs and traders at the  Klo Agogo market in the Yilo Krobo Municipality in the Eastern Region have decided not to pay a market toll to the assembly effective Tuesday, October 8, 2019.

According to them, the assembly had failed to improve on the structure on the market as well ad its sanitation.

The people have also vowed to resist any forceful attempt by the assembly to collect revenue from the market women until the market is properly reconstructed.

This was announced on Tuesday when the chiefs, residents and the market women including drivers trooped to  the market in a demonstration to register their displeasure about the deteriorated and unhygienic nature of the market.

The market shelter which was constructed in November 25, 1954, has since not experienced any renovation and most of the metal pilers have eroded.

The structure  has since turned to a death trap with market women risking their lives under it every market day though they pay levies to the assembly.

The market has also been engulfed by refuse and mud turning the entire facility to an insanitary area exposing the traders and buyers to a possible cholera outbreak.

Speaking to the media, chief of the area, Nene Odjeyem I, who was the lead protestor said he would not allow any trader to pay market levy to any revenue  collector until their plight had been resolved.

According to him, he had on several occasions visited the office of the Municipal Chief Executive to renovate the market but had not yielded any good result.

“Whenever I go to his office to plead with him for the reconstruction of the market and the road, he always tell me to buy a newspaper and read to find out whether he had not done anything about the market. I have been doing that for almost three months now but has not seen any publication on our market and the road”, he said.

He indicated that, the Klo- Agogo market is the largest that generates  revenue for the assembly but the 65-year-old market since it's establishment had never been renovated.

Speaking on the road network, he said several communities around the Agogo township could no longer transport their farm produce to the market due to their deplorable nature.

For his part, the former Assemblymember, Harold Kofi Kumi said they would continue to demonstrate on every market day until the assembly comes to their aid.

He said the community had not benefited from it's share of the national cake though the market is the largest that generates revenue for the Yilo Krobo Municipal Assembly.

Source: David Sackey

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