Give 75 MP's Seats To Women - Naana Eyiah

A deputy Minister of Lands and Natural Resources who is currently a Legislature in the ticket of Gomoa Central, Naana Eyiah, has called on the leadership of Parliament to consider women with at least 75 out of 275 seats in Parliament.

This she said will encourage more women to contribute to nation-building and was worried over several women currently in Parliament who are only 37.

Naana Eyiah said this when she visited some small scale mining companies in the Ashanti Region.

The MP also expressed worry over several women engaged in the mining sector and called for the allocation of at least 40% mining jobs for women only to reduce employment among them.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5 seeks to achieve gender equality and empowerment of all women and girls.

Available statistics, however, indicate only seven percent of women are working in the mining industry.

Women in Mining Ghana say although some progress has been made towards addressing the imbalance, there is more to be done.

Founder of Women in Mining Ghana, Georgette Barnes, contends mining cannot be said to be sustainable until more women enter the field.

She said the concept of sustainability is built on three pillars: social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Source: Kofi Atakora/Joydaddymultimedia.com

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