Focus More On HSSE As We Celebrate Safety Day – Vivo Energy

Vivo Energy Ghana is advising all employees and contractors as to a matter of urgency to refocus on the importance of Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) as they celebrate its annual safety day.

With the theme, “Safety: Why it matters to me”, Vivo Energy expressed why safety mattered to them, focusing on personal testimonials on why they felt safety was important during the celebration along with activities such included town hall meetings, safety education courses, on-site safety inspections and team quizzes to climax the celebration.

Head of HSSE for Vivo Energy Group, Grant Bairstow said, “Safety is an integral and essential part of everything we do at Vivo Energy and remains an absolute priority across the business for our staff and contractors. Whilst safety is embedded across the company, our annual Safety Day provides a moment for all our teams to stop, reflect on why safety matters to them and ensure we are doing everything we can to achieve our aim of ‘Goal Zero’ – no harm to people and minimizing our impact on the environment”.

In addition, the Managing Director of Vivo Energy Ghana, Mr Ben Hassan Ouattara has encouraged staff to uphold high safety standards at the workplace, home and everywhere they find themselves

With the company’s ultimate ambition as achieving an excellent safety culture, where HSSE is fully integrated into the ways of working for all parties at Vivo Energy, Mr Bairstow said “Vivo Energy has a very strong safety record, but we can always do more and we must never become complacent.

We have successfully adopted a proactive culture of safety and are proud of our strong Total Recordable Case Frequency of 0.19 incidents per million exposure hours in 2018. 

We continue to work hard to achieve our HSSE goals in order to make continued progress to become Africa’s most respected energy business”.

Vivo Energy is the leading pan-African distributor and retailer of Shell and Engen-branded fuels and lubricants operating and marketing its products in countries across North, West, East and Southern Africa.

The Group has a network of over 2,100 service stations in 23 countries operating under the Shell and Engen brands and exports lubricants to a number of other African countries.

Its retail offering includes fuels, lubricants, card services, shops, restaurants and other non-fuel services. It provides fuels, lubricants and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to business customers across a range of sectors including marine, mining, construction, power, transport, and manufacturing. Jet fuel is sold to customers under the Vitol Aviation brand.


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