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NCCE Boss Urges Youth To Respect Authorities

The Akwapim South District Director of National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) Mr Alex Owusu Akyaw has urged the youth to respect authorities and imbibe a good attitude and behaviour on environmental sanitation for sustainable development.

According to him, imbibing good attitude and behaviour on the environment can only be realized if the young ones exhibit respect to authorities, respect environmental cultural practices, Patriotism and integrity.

He said Ghana is so polluted with dirt, stains, contamination, marks and impurities as a result of our daily activities with the use of plastic materials, poisonous chemicals and the act which physically degrades the environment.

He made this assertion when Aburi Girls' Civic Education club observed their annual festival at the school premises with other schools to mark the 2019 edition.

The program dubbed "Civic Fest 2019" was celebrated under the topic “Environmental Governance; the role of the youth".

"This is only an ideal work concerning that which affect the air we breathe and the water we use. On matters like this on our side of the story, we say it is super integrity in an attempt to control and take away all forms of abuses on the environment" he added.

He said, every now and then we corrupt the environment which constitutes our livelihood. Each one of us is either involved or attempting to be in this form of corruption, adding that,

"It takes one to be disciplined to resist these unfortunate acts such as indiscriminate dumping of refuse, sand winning etc.

The soft-spoken NCCE director averred that, when the unfortunate happens, there is always one escape goat to blame "the government of the day" for non-performing or incompetent for even an action to rescue the situation.

To him, the best way we can solve the unfortunate acts is to obey the national and local laws on the environment, protecting and safeguarding the environment and keeping the environment clean.

Mr Owusu Akyaw therefore urged the youth to work with the knowledge they have acquired, walk with it and talk about it for the good of Ghana since the youth should be accountable and answerable to someone and ourselves.

Source: Evans Boateng

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