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NADMO Creates Bank Account To Carter For Disaster

The minister for interior Ambrose Dery has told Parliament, the Governing Council of NADMO in 2017 approved the opening of an account per section 41(2) of the Act 927 with the then UNIBANK and now Consolidated Bank to manage disaster in the country.

He made this assertion in response to a question post to him by the MP for Builsa North constituency James Agalga, seeking from the minister when the government will set up the National disaster fund provided for under the national disaster management organization Act 2016 (Act 927) to deal with disaster.

According to the minister, the National Disaster Management Act, 2016 (Act 927) provides for the establishment of the National Disaster Management Fund and (Section 37). The Act specifies the sources of the Fund (Section 39) as follows:

Fees accruing to the Organization in the Money appropriated for the organization by Parliament;

performance of its functions under this Act; Three (3) percent of the share of the District Assemblies Common Fund for each District subject to the formula approved by Parliament by Article 252 of the Constitution;

He added that, advances from the Contingency Fund and referred to in Article 177 of the Constitution; Money that comes to the Fund and from investment's made by the Organization.

Grants, donations and other voluntary contributions to the Fund; and Other moneys that may in any manner become lawfully payable.


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