Public Shares Diverse Views On Short Hands, Emoji Used In Chatting

Technology has made the biggest impact in a realm of communication across the world, making daily activities easier and simple.

Due to that, mobile phones are used widely in our day to day life activities given the public the freedom to communicate anywhere and at any time.

During a random interview with BrytFm reporter, Abba Kwegyirba Aggrey, some people are desire in the use of emoji, Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) and memes as part of their communication on social media.

Users retreated that, using emoji, animated gifs, and memes for chatting are helpful in most instances but indicated it comes with disadvantages depending on the conversation trend.

According to a section of the public, the use of emoji, animated gifs and memes help them to adjust space on their mobile phone and have a fundamental way of  expressing emotions of others with some stating, they do not know how to write hence,  prefer image communication.

Whiles others insisted, receiving of emoji/ GIFs/Memes as text messages or communication is sometimes annoying when they do not understand their meanings, Some also bemoaned the current trend of pictorial messages as lazy, as compared to the texting practice that is, apparently breeding bad communicators.

Source: Abba Kwegyirba Aggrey

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