Don't Forget Chiefs When You Are Recruiting People -Akwatia Chief To MMDCE's

The chief of Akwatia in the Eastern Region, Osabarima Kofi Boateng III has urged Chief executives in the Assemblies to consider a quota of job opportunities to chiefs when recruiting people and include them in decision making.

According to Akwatiahene, as Members of Parliament, Assembly Chief executives and government appointees have measured in recruitment into security services and state agencies for employment, chiefs must also be given quote because they also have people who seek for their assistance always.

Speaking at Townhall meeting at Akwatia, Osabarima Kofi Boateng III said recently some men were selected from the District for training on community mining without the Traditional council notification and urged the Assembly chief executives to be transparent.

He said Ghana's constitution said the government must do certain things in consultation with chiefs but that clause has been ignored although chapter 20/276 says"  (1) A chief shall not take part in active party politics; and any chief wishing to do so and seeking election to Parliament shall abdicate his stool or skin."

The chief called on government to release money for contractors working on Akwatia Town roads and other roads linking Towns to the District capital.

Pledging chiefs support for local governance, Osabarima Kofi Boateng called on State Institutions to play their role and urged the government to resources works department, Town and Country planning to work hard.

The chief called on MMDCE's to always consult chiefs when things going wrong and lauded the District chief executive and member of parliament for working hard to develop the Area.

Source: Joydaddymultimedia.com

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