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Asamankese - Photos: Man, 50, Shot Wife and Kills Himself Over Divorce

A fifty-year-old man, Seth Adu, has shot his 47-year-old wife after the family of the woman stormed the man's house to officially announce divorce of their nine-year-old marriage.

After shooting the wife, Seth Adu killed himself with a locally manufactured pistol in his room but fortunately, the wife survived after gunshot hit her breast.

The body of the deceased has been deposited at Asamankese Government Hospital for further investigation while the wife, who survived is currently at Asamankese Government Hospital receiving treatment.

Reasons for the nine-year-old marriage divorce is yet to be known but according to the Asamankese Police, the body of the deceased will remain in mortuary as they seek for court order to bury the man or release the body to the family.

The incident occurred in the room of the deceased when the wife attempted to pack her items from the room following the official announcement of divorce by her and endorsement by her family who were present at the Deceased house.

The man left the wife with three kids.

Asamankese Police Station officer at the time the incident occurred, chief Superintendent Gideon Adator told Kofi Atakora, reporter, in an interview that the pistol has been retrieved from the deceased room and police is collaborating with the family for a further report of the murder case.

Source: Kofi Atakora/

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