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Stop The Unnecessary Stigmatization On Infertile Women - ER Residents

The phrase in marriage vow "I promise to be your loved wife/ husband till death do us part" is not just mean for married couples to joke with.

Accepting to exchange that vow means both must love and protect one another until they all depart from this earth.

The huge responsibility rely on husband's to make to their wives to make them happy irrespective of whatever the situation they may both find themselves.

However, infertility in marriage has been a major problem in our society, which leads to some couple violating their vows and probably getting divorce.

The pressure truncates into conflict arises in marriage when mothers-in-law begin to ill-treat, putting pressure and tension on their daughters-in-law who are unable to conceive a child.

Sometimes, wives who desperately want to give birth to save their marriages ends up becoming victims in the hands of some fake pastors and fetish priest.

In most cases, some women even commit suicide due to people's reaction to them.

It against this background that the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo added his voice by cautioning the public to stop the stigmatization against infertile women.

Bryt Fm's reporter, Abba Kwegyirba Aggrey, in an interview with some section of the public in the Eastern Region to seek their opinion on the President's caution asserted that, children are given by God, not by man.

Therefore, In-laws must stop blaming their daughters-in-law for their inability to conceive. "They should rather get close and encourage them for all circumstances.

Randomly, the public also said friends, families and societies should stop pushing women with such problems into trouble bypassing unscrupulous comments that will affect the women emotionally.

Unanimously, they said mother - in- laws should also allow their son's and daughters to have their privacy when they got married.

Whiles others insisted that infertility is not always a woman's problem but it can be both couples. Others also said it can be attributed to spiritual attacks.

Meanwhile, they prescribed infertility couples should seek counselling advice or consider adoption as an option.

Source: Abba Kwegyirba Aggrey

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