1433 Free SHS Students Pregnant - Minority Claims

The minority members of the opposition party NDC have said 1433 beneficiaries of Nana Akufo-Addo free SHS are susceptible to teenage pregnancy.

According to them, due to improper implementation of the free senior high school, 1433 students have been impregnated.

Their claims were supported by the fact that the double-track system was the cause of the pregnancy.

Under the double-track, one batch of students stays in school for some two months, while another is at home. When the first stream goes on break, the second also goes to school.

The strategy was introduced to curb congestion after the numbers shot up when the government, honouring a campaign promise, removed the financial factor in high school education.

While some experts praised the stop-gap measure, the opposition NDC and their MPs are far from convinced.

The party believes the double track is killing efficient and quality delivery of education.

At a press conference Wednesday, Ranking Member on Parliament’s Education Committee, Peter Nortsu, reiterated that the increasing rate of teenage pregnancies recorded is as a result of the introduction of the double-track system.

He added that the long vacation unnecessarily exposes the students to social risks such as alcoholism and the cultivation of deviant behaviour among others.

The MPs also say the double track is putting an unnecessary burden on the teachers which is adversely affecting their health.

The MPs also say the double track has failed to cure the problem of congestion due to the huge infrastructure deficit.

According to them, the government has abandoned all the projects the NDC government started before they were ousted in the December 2016 elections.

Meanwhile, former President and 2020 Presidential candidate for the NDC, John Mahama, has vowed to abolish the double track when elected in 2020.

He said he would do so by, “investing in the expansion of school infrastructure such as additional classroom blocks and dormitories, and the completion of the 200 Community Day Senior High Schools to enable all our children to attend school at the same time and have adequate contact hours with their teachers”.

The ranking member on the education committee Hon Peter Nortsu kotoe supported with the minority committee members provided the figures in a press conference held in Parliament's Job 600.

Source: Evans Boateng/Joydaddymultimedia.com

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