GMA Want 40% of Basic Salaries as Accommodation Allowance Per Month

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has hinted on a possible resolution to withdraw its services starting November 18 if the government fails to renew their expired Conditions of Service which included 40% of basic salaries as accommodation allowance per month.

Other Parts of their demands included  20 percent as core duty facilitation allowance, 30% clothing allowance, 20% maintenance allowance, 20% utility allowance, 50% as professional allowance and 25% special risk allowance and vehicle tax exemption to doctors.

In a communiqué released as part of the outcomes of their 61st annual general conference of the Ghana Medical Association held from 5th to 10th November in Tamale, Northern Region, the GMA explains that the Association and Government in September 2015 signed the Conditions of Service Document for Doctors/Dentists working in the Ministry of Health (MOH) and its agencies which was effective January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2018 but the Government has failed to renew the document after its expiration as several attempt from the Association to engage Government on the issue has proven futile.

They have given a one-week window to the Government and the Ministry of Health (MoH) that by 6:00 pm November 17, if the document has not been signed off for effective implementation starting January 1, 2020, they will withdraw all services by December 9, 2019.

The Association noted that they will first withdraw outpatient services till Sunday, December 1 and withdraw emergency services from Monday, December 2.

They concluded that, if the government proves adamant and does not renew the document for effective implementation by then, all Medical and Dental services in all Public Health Facilities in the country will be withdrawn from December 9, 2019.

The communiqué was signed by the Association’s President, Frank Ankobeah and its General Secretary, Dr. Justice Yankson.

Source: Kofi Atakora/ 

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