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Prostitution Must Be Seen As an Alternative Job for Women - Prostitute

Life would have been hell for some ladies if prostitution is not an alternative in generating funds, a prostitute has disclosed.

Speaking exclusively to journalist, Efe, as popularly called, revealed she was introduced into the act at the age of 18 years after completing her secondary education due to poverty.

At the age of 24, Efe indicated, she has been living out of money she gets from sleeping with several men daily.

She added, most women would have died of hunger if not for engaging in prostitution which according to her is one of the lucrative jobs in the country currently.

"I sleep with several men daily and I must admit that on a good day, I can make up to Ghc500 and Ghc200 on a bad day. You see, it is far better than a monthly job like yours" she told the reporter at the face.

Efe advised Ghanaians to desist from speaking against prostitution as it has offered jobs to most women in all walks of life who would have been living in poverty.

"We have women who say they are not prostitutes because they don't go to the streets and pubs, but the truth of the matter is that most of them have about five different boyfriends, sleeping with them all for money. How would you call that one too. We must accept the fact that prostitution has been there since the creation of the world and will continue to be with us as long as we remain as humans" she emphasized.

When asked whether she is ready to quit the act should there be a different job opportunity, Efe revealed, she would do that only if the job in question pays a lot, else she will continue with her prostitution job.

In her about six years of experience on the job, she admitted there have been lots of encounters, both good and bad, but insisted the positives weigh far than the odds.

Commenting on her achievements so far, she said, she has been able to rent her own apartment and has also bought a piece of land which is yet to be developed.

She also debunked the public assertion that prostitutes can never be good wife materials, indicating there have been numerous colleagues who are now happily married after meeting the right men in the cause of their duties as prostitutes.

Source: Kwabena Nyarko Abronoma/

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