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Revealed: Reasons Why Men Want To Marry Virgins

Virginity among women is seen as a valuable commodity to men, hence, most men vying to marry virgins.

In a random interview, some men emphasized that marrying a virgin is the best thing that can happen to every man as virgins are well respected for keeping themselves from pre-marital sex.

Some men also revealed that virgins are usually sweet and enjoyable in bed, as compared to other women who have engaged in numerous sex with different men.

Others, were also of the view, marrying a virgin comes with other challenges as the sexual lifestyle of virgins are on the low as they seem to be ignorant in relationship issues and even in bed.

"Marrying a virgin is not my desire at all because virgins know nothing about sex. My sexual desire is high so it would be a problem for me since I have to teach her everything in bed, and I'm not ready to do so" a man told the reporter.

Another man also indicated that "it is good to marry a virgin since they are seen as well trained and that, virgins do not like following different men as most ladies do nowadays. A virgin will remain forever mine".

However, a woman who also expressed her opinion on the issue, was in support of men going in for virgins as she insisted, "marrying the woman whom you braked her virginity is the best. I must confess that some ladies find it difficult to stay with their husbands after 'tasting' different men".

"But my sister, I must be honest with you that virgins are hard to come by these days" she revealed.

Source: Abba Kwegyirba Aggrey/

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