DLE: PM urges voters to Consider people who can read and write

The Outgoing Presiding Member for the Upper West Akyem District in the Eastern Region, Mr. Eric Kwasi Mensah has urged eligible voters for the upcoming District Level Election (DLE) to consider contestants who can read and write.

He noted that the Civil servants in the Assembly can take decisions on their own if Assembly members cannot read and write, especially those who are appointed to head sub-Committees in the Assembly.

In an interview with joydaddymultimedia.com reporter Kofi Atakora, the Outgoing Presiding Member advocated for change of qualifications to be elected as an Assembly Member to get graduates for local governance.

Mr. Kwasi Mensah, who is seeking re-election in Danso electoral area in the District, said sometimes the Assembly work becomes difficult for people who cannot read and write, especially when dealing with a report for consideration.

He, however, urged Ghanaian voters to make the December 17th Assembly election a priority and turn out in their numbers to exercise civic responsibility.

He also called on government as a matter of urgency to consider monthly allowances or salary for Assembly members who play key roles as DCE's and Members of Parliament.

Source: Kofi Atakora/Joydaddymultimedia.com 

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