It's Time to Consider Election of Electoral Commissioners - NPP

The communications director of the ruling New Patriotic Party(NPP) in the Lower West Akyem Constituency in the Eastern Region, Mr. Addo Kwasi Annor has proposed the election of  Electoral commissioners in the National Headquarters to avoid mistrust and persistent attack on the commissioners.

Article 70 (2) of the 1992 Constitution says 'The President shall acting on the advice of the Council of State, appoint the Chairman, Deputy Chairmen, and other members of the Electoral Commission.

Article 52 also requires the Commission to appoint officers and other employees in consultation with the Public Services Commission. From this rudimentary structure, the Commission has established a more elaborate three-tier structure consisting of the Head Office, Regional Offices and District Offices.

But in an interview with Joydaddymultimedia.com reporter, Kofi Atakora, the communications director for Lower West Akyem, who doubles as Municipal Director of National Disaster and Management Organization (NADMO), Mr. Addo Annor said continued mistrust can only be harmful to the future of this crucial institution (EC).

According to Mr. Addo Annor, there is perception outside that any president who replaced a retiree commissioner or appoint new members under his administration shall be favoured in election while others doubt their Neutrality.

He, however, called for a national consensus on the election of the seven-member committee for the headquarters of the Electoral Commission and urged current commissioners to be circumspect in the discharge of their duties.

Source: Kofi Atakora/Joydaddymultimedia.com

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