Traders in Koforidua Kick Against New GHS100, GHS200 Note

A good number of traders in Koforidua have expressed dissatisfaction with the introduction of cedi denominations; GHS2 coin, GHS100 and GHS200 notes by the Bank of Ghana.

Many traders in Koforidua bemoaned the inconvenience the new notes will bring. To some, the daily troubles that come with conducting transactions in higher denominations are enough reasons for them to reject the announcement by the Bank of Ghana.

In an interview with Bryt FM reporter Abba Kwegyirba Aggrey, some of the traders hinted that, the new currency being  issued by the Bank of Ghana under NPP government will be relevant to those with big businesses such that, the one hundred cedis and the two hundred cedis will help them ease double counting and also, it will be easy for them to carry along to anywhere.

Others also lamented that the currency being issued by the NPP government will not help traders and Ghanaian as a whole because, it will be restricted to higher inflation in the system and for that matter, prices of goods and services will be increased each day.

However, the economy has become too stiff such that, people no longer purchase their item on high demand for them to make profit and with this huge money, if someone buys something and they did not get change for him/her, the person will either stop buying the item or will go with the money and they are going to lost profit.

"It seems that the NPP government intentionally issued these notes for the 2020 election campaign to win Ghanaians vote". One of the traders hinted.

"Suppose I have only one hundred Ghana cedis on me and my ward is demanding his feeding and transportation fee, which sum up of Ghc 7.50p where am I going to get change of this one hundred Ghana cedis early in the morning ", said Paa Nyame.

Even though, if a trader trip for goods with these notes and it get lost meaning the life of that person has come to an end and due to that, the person can even do something to harm him/herself.

"If a passenger convey a car with this GHc 200 and he or she has to pay a levy of GHc 1.70p and I do not have a change, am I going to allow the passenger to go free without paying hmmm we will always lost profit ". Drivers revealed.

We can't bear this situation so we, therefore, plead to the government to put a stop of issuing this one hundred as well the two hundred Ghana cedis.

Source: Abba Kwegyirba Aggrey/

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