Kwabena Sarpong Writes: Mangoase Electoral Area Open Forum

All contestants present.

Sir Joe, fantastic delivery. He indeed showed he was a teacher. He had one of the best manifestos I will liken him to Abu Sakara. His ideas were well articulated. Very promising future, I wish him well.

Opanyin Yaw Atua, as usual, very calm spoke well. Has a plethora of executed developmental projects on his cards. He promised to do more when elected. He has demonstrated foresight and to me distinguished himself as a #TopSenior of Akyem Tafo. I wish he contested for an MP, nanso obiara ne ne taste. A medal for selfless service to town and country won’t be bad koraa from Tafoman. I wish him well.

Fred Osei, you did well. He made a very fantastic point that got the whole crowd laughing but it was thought-provoking. “When Akufo-Addo was in Opposition he never undertook any developmental project for Ghana” He explained further that, he has been advocating for good leadership, efficient management of resources and community support for each other. Yes, I subscribe to that idea, without power, the best you can do is advocacy. Nonetheless, if you can use your own money and initiative to undertake any project, do it with all your might. The microphone was not friendly to him at all. I wish him well.

Francis Kofi Adu, although an elderly man, his vision was youth-centered. I am not surprised at how he noded through the delivery of the two youthful contestants and hugged Agyengo after his submission. I think he is a well of wisdom pass by his house for advice. May he live long! I wish him well.

Citizen Kofi Agyemang you would have carried the day If the dice were cast yesterday but hey, Sir John said; fear delegates. Your manifesto was par excellence. Your delivery was on point. You were more interactive with listeners. Even though your energy level was down, the support of the masses speaks volumes of your persona. Keep it up. Your youth empowerment policy needs to be advanced no matter the outcome of the election. I wish you well.

General Assessment and Observation:

All the candidates performed well. It is very refreshing listening to the five. Agyengo and Sir Joe wowed the people. It seems the wind has already blown in favor of Agyengo looking at the massive support from the drivers, traders and almost everybody who came there.

Opanin Yaw Atua is in a different league. I know he is an NPP man the party should have him as part of the council of elders or patrons ASAP. He has all it takes, he has proven it.

The NPP as a political party should not in the name of vindictiveness push Agyengo to the sidelines. He is the REAL Youth Organizer of Akyem Tafo and Abuakwa North as a whole, take it or leave it. Bring him closer the guy has the clout. Leave out his negatives he is an asset. I also implore the NDC to watch him closely as it is said “one man’s meat is another man’s poison. We need to push more Akyem New Tafo people to the top.

Let the best candidate win.

God bless Akyem Tafo.

Yours truly,

Source: Kwabena Sarpong

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